Activities of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Further support to the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” MK IPA 17 SO 01 21 carried out in June, 2022

Capacity building In the period from 30th of May till 03rd of June, 2022, 1.5-day Activity 1.1.4 “Training of staff through practical transfer of knowledge and know how on EQAVET linked with ECVET at relevant institutions of the implementing party” was implemented in the Club of Parliamentarians in Skopje. Twenty-nine […]

Promotional events for the use of the National Qualifications Framework

With the support of the EU Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia, the Department for National Qualifications Framework and the IPA Structure at the Ministry of Education and Science launched promotional events for the use of the established National Qualifications Framework. The first event was held on February 14, 2019, […]

Qualification standard and learning outcomes

The second promotional event for the National Qualifications Framework was held on February 15, 2019, in the premises of the EU delegation, where the target group included representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Education Inspectorate, the Sectoral Qualifications Committees, and the secondary vocational schools in Tetovo […]