Five new Qualification Standards adopted

The National Board for the Macedonian Qualifications Framework held its 12th meeting in the premises of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia where in addition to the anticipated points of discussion, looked into the role of the Chamber in the process of improving the qualification system and in the usability and […]

Four more Sectoral Qualifications Committees established

At the 11th regular session, held on December 14, 2018, the National Board of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework decided on the establishment of another four Sectoral Qualifications Committees: Decision on Establishment of the Sectoral Commission for Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary; Decision on the Establishment of Sectoral Commission for Economics, Law […]

A total number number of 36 qualifications have been adopted

The National Board for Macedonian Qualification Framework  has adopted a total number of 36 qualifications and also a decision for their allocation at different levels in the Macedonian Qualifications Framework at the ninth meeting, that took place on 19th of July 2018.

Training for members of the Sectoral Qualification Councils

On 23th of February 2018, the firs training for the members of the Sectoral Qualification Councils were conducted. On the training At the training they were introduced with the National qualification system in Macedonia and the significance of the learning outcomes as the main focus during the review of the […]

The first Sectoral Qualifications Councils are established

The importance of the Sectoral Qualifications Committees as professional bodies for analyzing the condition and trends in the labor market and identifying the needs for all types of qualifications in accordance with the needs of the society and the labor market becomes recognizable and necessary. Therefore, according to the needs […]

Training on the use of the Register of the National Qualification Framework

Within the IPA Project: Procurement of the equipment for the National Qualification Framework (NRK) – Management and information system for the Ministry of Education and Science needs (Europe Aid/137628/IH/SUP/MK, in the period from 21st  to 23rd  November 2017 was organized  the three days training   for the use of the Register […]

How to talk about the National Qualifications Framework

In the period from 22 to 26 September 2017, within the Twinning Project “Further Implementation of the NQF”, three public debates were held in Stip, Tetovo and Ohrid, focused on key issues for further strengthening of the National Qualifications Framework. The main objective of the three public debates was to […]

Roadmap for further imlementation of the NQF – final confernece of the project ‘’Further Improvement of the System for Development and Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework’’

On the 10th of October 2017, the final conference of the Twinning Project ‘’Improvement of the System for development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework’’ was held. Among the attendees were the Minister of Education and Science prof. PhD Renata Deskoska, as well as the ambassadors of the Republic […]