Workshop on new qualifications according to the labour market needs

Within the framework of the Twinning Project Further Improvement of the System for Development and Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework, in the period from 3rd to 7th of July 2017, and following the demands of the labour market, workshops were held for development of new qualifications in the two […]

Second debate regarding the draft text from the Manual on Adapting Existing Qualifications to National Qualifications Framework and European Qualifications Framework Requirements

A second debate on the draft text of the Manual on Adapting Existing Qualifications to NQF and EQF Requirements was held on 20th June, in the EU Info Centre, with representatives from various educational institutions, employers, chambers and members of the national Board for NQF and experts from the Twinning Project Further […]

Shared experiences in Scotland

In the frame of the ongoing Twinning project “Further improvement of the system for development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” – MK 13 IPA SO 02 15, in the last week of April a study visit was organised to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership, in Glasgow, […]