Training on the use of the Register of the National Qualification Framework

Within the IPA Project: Procurement of the equipment for the National Qualification Framework (NRK) – Management and information system for the Ministry of Education and Science needs (Europe Aid/137628/IH/SUP/MK, in the period from 21st  to 23rd  November 2017 was organized  the three days training   for the use of the Register of the National Qualification Framework. The participants in the training were the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Vocational Education and Training Centre, Centre for Adult Education  and  from the Sectoral  Qualifications Councils.  The training was lead by Ms. Emilija Kermicieva, representative of the Firm ASEKO, Register designer.

During the training she made presentation of the Public Portal and Administrative part of the Register.

The Public Portal consists of several sections which enable easy and quick overview of the given information. The upper menu consists the following:

  • Home – standard link to the main page
  • About NQF – part where can be found all needed information on NQF;
  • NQF Catalog – part where can be found more detailed explanations on the levels, volume, qualification sectors and other basic information;
  • NQF Register – part presenting the Register of the  qualification  standards,  and
  • NQF Users – part for the users with opinions, documents, requirement submission for new standard on qualifications and other.

The Administrative part is listing the roles of the participants in the system:

  • Client
  • Head of the NQF Unit
  • Responsible person/member of the NQF Unit
  • Coordinator of the Sectoral Qualifications Councils,
  • Member of the National Board of NQF
  • Member of the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation,  and
  • Administrative technical person

In the training were presented the processes of enrolment of the Standards on Qualification in the Register starting from requirement submission for approval and enrolment of the Standard  in the Register, forwarding it to the Sectoral  Qualifications Councils and National Board of NQF, approval and enrollment of the Standard in the Register of Qualifications .

The training participants were given the document ,,User  instructions for the Register of NQF ,,