The first Sectoral Qualifications Councils are established

The importance of the Sectoral Qualifications Committees as professional bodies for analyzing the condition and trends in the labor market and identifying the needs for all types of qualifications in accordance with the needs of the society and the labor market becomes recognizable and necessary. Therefore, according to the needs for qualifications in the five priority sectors for qualifications, in the period from February 21 to February 23, 2018, the first five Sectoral Qualifications Councils were established: Sectoral Council for Electrical Engineering, Sectoral Council for Personal Services, Sectoral Council for Food Service Industry and Tourism, Sectoral Council for Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Sectoral Council for Chemistry and Technology.

The selection of members for the Sectoral Councils was made on the basis of adopted, general and professional criteria for selecting members for the Sectoral Councils. From the general criteria, the members possessed a higher education qualification, at least level VI A in the field of the sector, computer skills and knowledge of English, and from professional experience they had at least 5 years of working experience in the respective sector, knowledge of the occupations from the respective sector, participation in various bodies bodies and commissions in the field of labor, employment and education and participation in various projects and program development.

The task of the Sectoral Councils will be in general to analyze existing qualifications, to consider the proposals for introducing new qualifications, and also to propose new qualifications and to give an opinion on the compliance of occupational standards / standards of qualifications with the examination programs. As a particularly important task in the quality assurance process will be the participation in the committees for assesment and confirmation of the learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies) in non-formal education and training.