Four more Sectoral Qualifications Committees established

At the 11th regular session, held on December 14, 2018, the National Board of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework decided on the establishment of another four Sectoral Qualifications Committees: Decision on Establishment of the Sectoral Commission for Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary; Decision on the Establishment of Sectoral Commission for Economics, Law and Economics; Decision on Establishing Sectoral Commission for Mechanics; and Decision on Establishing Sectoral Commission for Textile Leather and other products, which will be actively dedicated to analysis and approval of new qualifications relevant to the labor market. Due to the need for approval of new Qualifications Standards for the Health and Social Protection Sector, establishing a Sectoral Commission for Health and Social Care is in procedure.

The members of the commissions are representatives of institutions and organizations that are related to the improvement of the system of qualifications in the Republic of Macedonia. In the forthcoming period, trainings are planned for Sectoral Qualification Committees for reading and analyzing the learning outcomes as a basis for acquiring a qualification.