Five new Qualification Standards adopted

The National Board for the Macedonian Qualifications Framework held its 12th meeting in the premises of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia where in addition to the anticipated points of discussion, looked into the role of the Chamber in the process of improving the qualification system and in the usability and the sustainability of the National Qualifications Framework. In cooperation with the Chamber, an analysis of the labor market was conducted, which encouraged the design of new qualifications and reforms in Vocational education and training. Education must be flexible to respond to employers’ demands and labor market needs.

There was a remark from one of the board members that the initiated reforms in Vocational education and training, and the introduction of new qualifications, can cause redundancy for teachers from vocational schools, although in the design of the educational programs, teacher care and their duties were inviolable.

At the meeting, 5 new standards of qualifications from the construction and geodesy sector were adopted and distributed at the appropriate level of the qualifications framework.