April 2022 – activities of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Further support to the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” MK IPA 17 SO 01 21

Following the busy March, in April we focused on activities related to the improvement of the digital aspect of NQF, and in VET.

In the period from 11th till 13th of April, there were two missions carried out at the same time. First mission of Activity 4.1.3 related to drafting recommendations for further upgrade and interconnection with online platforms at European level / platforms LOQ, ESCO and EUROPASS.


MS experts from the Institute from Republic of Slovenia for vocational education and training Urška Marentič acting as a Component Leader 3 and 4, Nika Mustar and Špela Pogačnik Nose prepared recommendations for connecting the NQF platform to the European platforms in order to provide greater mobility and improve the functionalities. Representatives from the National agency for European programmes and mobility from the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as the NQF Unit representatives and responsible officials from the Ministry of Education and Science participated in the workshop.

Another mission of Activity 4.1.4 which was conducted fully online for three days was related to drafting technical recommendations to achieve compatibility with the Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR). MS experts from France Competence Ali Amrouche, Oliver Boinon and Kevin Le together with Keti Kostovska form the Ministry of Education and Science as well as Asseco, a company which is directly involved in the improvement of the digitalization of the NQF register, presented the technical requirements necessary for the digital register.


During the mission, productive meetings were held and technical questions were asked in order to have the basis for the analysis and reports on NQF digital Register data structure compatibility to the Qualification Metadata Scheme (QMS) from Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR) facilitating recognition of academic qualifications.

Another mission of Activity 1.1.3 on the development of QA framework in VET in accordance with EQAVET Linked with ECVET trough a Life Long Learning (LLL) perspective was conducted. MS experts from Lithuania Vidmantas Tutlys, Component Leader 1, Lina Vaitkutė and Odeta Kupetienė, Component Leader 2 made an analysis and critical reviewing of the existing institutional arrangements, criteria, instruments and procedures of the QA in VET by seeking to identify their relevance to the EQAVET.


Many representatives from different institutions attended the meetings in a joint discussion such as VET center, Bureau for development of education, NQF Board members, Service employment agency, Chamber of crafts, HOTAM (Hotel and restaurants association), as well as employers such as Makstil and Makam trans. Based on questions of a prepared questionnaire, the experts were provided the necessary information as a base for the analysis as they also shared the Lithuanian example and experience in the quality assessment of VET system.



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