Activities of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Further support to the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” MK IPA 17 SO 01 21

Newsletter August 2022


During August, despite a more relaxed summer season in the Beneficiary Country (BC), the Project Team continued implementing activities as envisaged with the Project Plan.

In preparation for the regular Steering Committee Meeting, a planning meeting was conducted with the component leaders, the BC Project Leader and the BC Resident Twinning Advisor counterpart, to review Activity plan for the next 6 months of the project implementation cycle before presenting it to the Steering Committee for endorsement.

As part of Activity 1.2.1., the Project Team collected written feedback from concerned stakeholders on the first draft of the Manual developed in the first mission of the Activity 1.2.1. To present the Manual and discuss the obtained feedback, on 29 and 30 August, the Project Team organized two workshops with BC representatives responsible for Quality Assurance and management of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) in Vocational Education and Training (VET), and the Higher Education (HE). The workshops brought together experts involved in the development of the Manual, including Vidmantas Tūtlys, Aurelija Valeikienė, Brigitte Bouquet, Slavica Černoša, as well as representatives from the Adult Education Centre, VET Centre, NQF Board, State Education Inspectorate, the Bureau for Development of Education, Agency for Quality in Higher Education, National Council for Higher Education and Research Activity, Evaluation and Accreditation Boards, and Higher Education Unit from the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES).

The workshops were instrumental in obtaining elaborate feedback from the relevant stakeholders as well as identifying further priorities. The work on the Manual will continue during September to incorporate relevant feedback and complete its final version. Upon request of the beneficiaries, the Manual will be made available in both, digital and hard copy.

Upon request of the Project’s beneficiaries, the Project Team also completed the translation of two important documents. The translation of the document Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) was reviewed and proofread, whereas the translation of the document International Standard Classification of Education – Fields of Education and Training 2013 (ISCED-F 2013) – Detailed Fields Descriptions was finalized and is pending review. The ISCED-F 2013 document represents a framework for assembling, compiling and analyzing cross-nationally comparable statistics on education and is the reference classification for organizing education programmes and related qualifications by levels and fields of education.

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