What we did in September, EU-funded Twinning Project “Further support to the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” MK IPA 17 SO 01 21

In September, one virtual expert mission, one training and a Steering Committee meeting were successfully organized and conducted. An additional on-line mission devoted to finalizing the Manual on Methodology and Procedures on QA for new users in AQAHE (Boards) and for practitioners of HE and VET institutions was carried out in September. Additional time was needed to take into consideration beneficiary’s feedback and requests on additional information to be included in the Manual, such as definition of independence of academic higher education institutions, recognition of non-formal education, etc., as well as explanation of some of the concepts used in the Manual.  The final version of the Manual will be translated into Macedonian and distributed to all relevant institutions: HE and VET providers, bodies responsible for NQF management and quality assurance in HE and VET.                                                                              

From the 25th of September until 1st of October Activity 1.2.2 “Training of staff (all involved in AQAHE) on the Methodology and procedures on QA of NQF” was carried out.  30 representatives from the National Council for Studies and Research Activity, Accreditation and Evaluation Boards, Ministry of Education and Science, and Quality Assurance Agency participated in the event. During the two-day training seminar concepts of quality in higher education and their relevance to North Macedonian context, the current state of implementation of Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (2015) in North Macedonian higher education institutions were discussed. Presentations by the experts were followed by constructive discussions and debates, group work.


The following day, the training was held in the Center for technology transfer and innovations, INNOFEIT, Skopje where the presentations and discussions continued. In the groups   the participants were actively involved in solving the problems detected by the experts after a comprehensive analysis of the state-of-play of quality assurance in higher education in the country. The following topics were covered during the second day: Quality assurance of the National Qualifications Framework: implementation of ESG as a shared responsibility“; Self-assessment according to ESG criteria; Tips and common mistakes of change management; Expert commentary from “As it should be” to “As it is” and reflection and agreements for the future steps in the development of quality assurance system in North Macedonia.


A Steering Committee was held on the 21st of September to discuss achievements, results of the project and activities planned for the next quarter. The Head of the Higher Education Department Ahmed Qazimi emphasized the importance of the project and implementation of recommendations developed by the experts in strengthening higher education system in North Macedonia.




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