January update -Twinning Project “Further support to the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework” funded by the EU MK IPA 17 SO 01 21

With the festive season coming to its end, the Twinning project jump-started its activities in January 2023, reminding all stakeholders that improving the quality of education continues to be one of the top priorities for this year. The project’s to-do list for this year starts with three activities. The goal of the first one was to finalize the NQF Roadmap (2022-2023) based on stakeholders’ feedback, reconsider the activities and goal performance indicators, and achieve formal endorsement of the final version. Five MS experts joined efforts to organize discussions with the relevant key partners: BC experts from MoES, representatives of NQF Board, VET Center, and the Bureau for Development of Education. Based on the dialogue with the main stakeholders, nine work packages were defined that would guide the implementation of the NQF.


Photos (left and right): Discussion with stakeholders on finalization of the NQF Roadmap

The second activity that took place in January was aimed at developing a Communication Strategy and an Awareness-raising plan. The experts, in consultation with the BC, created a communication manual that would help the institutions responsible for the management of NQF to communicate to the academia, current and potential students, their parents, the business community and society at large, the purposes and the main functions of NQF in the coordinated and unified communication messages. The one-day training was organized for the MoES Press office and bodies responsible for the management of NQF, on the importance of internal and external communication, channels and messages to be used while promoting NQF, recommendations for implementing the Communication Strategy and piloting an action plan.


Photos (left and right): One-day training on the importance of internal and external communication, channels and messages used while promoting NQF

The work within the third activity was based on the recommendations from a previous mission. It aimed at preparing the first draft of a Handbook on managing and quality-assuring the digital input in the NQF register. STEs from Slovenia and BC experts from NQF Unit discussed the main aspects to be covered in the Handbook, focusing on implementing the components of the EU recommendations on NQF digital registers.

Photo: Wrap-up meeting with representatives of MoES

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