Meeting and introducing employers from the tourism and catering services sector to the implementation process of the NQF

As part of the implementation of NQF and the active engagement of employers in the whole process, a workshop was held, on 23-25th September, by the Ministry of Education and Science and British Council Macedonia, with the support of the Chambers.

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The workshop focused on the role of the Sectoral Councils, with special emphasis on the tourism and catering services sector. The workshop was attended by the Association of Chambers, the Chamber for Tourism, representatives from the MoES, British Council, teachers delivering practical training in vocational schools, an advisory from the VET Centre for Tourism and catering services, representatives from different employers from this sector and representatives from entites offering training.


The workshop was lead by Stephan John, UK qualifications expert in the field of tourism and catering services. During the workshop the NQF was presented as well as the role of relevant partners, qualifications from the specific sector, the state of tourism in Macedonia and employer experiences from this sector. After presenting best practices from the UK for the work of the Sectoral Councils, the workshop was directed at the responsibilities and role of the Sectoral Councils in Macedoni, as envisioned by the Law on the National Qualifications Framework, in the analyses of the labour market, anticipating the need for certain skills and linking training to specific labour market needs. The second part of the workshop was directed at creating qualifications for strengthening capacities of users of the NQF.


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