Referencing the Macedonian Qualifications Framework to the European Qualifications Framework with the support of ETF

Experiences developing the National Qualifications Framework have shown that this is a long-term process; it is a learning process, a process requiring expertise, both national and international, as well as cooperation of all stakeholders. Following the adoption of the Law on the National Qualifications Framework, the process of referencing the Macedonian Qualifications Framework to the European Qualifications Framework began. The referencing process can have a major impact on the qualifications system in the country including: ensuring quality, employability and social integration of learners and workers in the society and will contribute to towards strengthening the partnership processes at national, regional and international level.


The referencing process begins with the preparation of the National Report on referencing, prepared by the Working Group in charge of preparing the report and implementing the process in accordance with criteria set by the EU. As a result, on 22nd and 23rd May, in Skopje, the first workshop was held with representatives from MoES, MLSP, Centre for Vocational Education and Training, Centre for Adult Education, representatives from universities, the employers organisation, the Chambers, the Employment Service Agency and others. The workshop was organized with the support of the European Training Foundation and the British Council and hosted prof. Mile Dzhelalija form Croatia and Ms. Eduarda Castel Branco from the ETF as experts.


The workshop prepared a roadmap for referencing the MQF to EQF and specified the main objectives, timeline, responsibilities, requirements, resources. It covered the following topics:

1 Referencing to the EQF: from criteria and procedures to its practical implementation. Leading the process. Cases and examples.

2 Mapping qualifications in Macedonia: starting with the approach and method; opportunities and challenges for the implementation of the NQF and its contribution towards referencing to EQF

3 Management of qualifications and the qualifications framework: roles, functions, types and examples. Focus on quality assurance.

The Referencing Report on the MQF will be subjected a review and approval process by the EU Advisory Group responsible for qualifications, where the Republic of Macedonia has its own representative that actively participates. The adoption of our report will mean that the qualifications issued in the country will be internationally recognizable and thus provide future investors in the country with more ensurance of quality, and outgoing and incoming mobility of the labor force.

Referencing process will be supported by the ETF, while the British Council will support the implementation of the legal framework for NQF and EQF.

Decision on referencing the MQF