Public debate on the challenges related to the implementation of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework

Within the further implementation of the National Qualifications Framework in our country on September 22, 2016 at the EU InfoCentre (Delegation of the EU) held a public debate on the topic ,,The challenges associated with the further implementation of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework and the involvement of various stakeholders in that process,” taking into account the “New Skills Agenda” for Europe and the proposed revision of the recommendations of the European Qualifications Framework.

During the debate, led by the National Coordinator of the National Qualifications Framework, Natasha Janevska, a State Advisor in Ministry of Education and Science, presentations of national experiences related to the development and implementation of the qualification system were delivered by international experts from the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Croatia, Scotland, France and the Czech Republic and an overview of the current state of implementation of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework was also presented. The public debate focused on several issues:

  • How to achieve greater visibility of MQF?
  • What are the most important challenges for the implementation of the MQF from the perspective of the state?
  • What should be the role of stakeholders in the MQF system, its implementation and management?
  • What should be the next steps for the implementation of MQF?

Based on the discussions, focus  was put on a few priority actions:

  1. Develop a strategy for transparency and increase the visibility of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework;
  2. Develop a transparent Register of qualifications;
  3. Develop a methodology and approach for the inclusion of qualifications in the MQF, and their regular review and updating;
  4. Provide sufficient funds for the realization of the Macedonian Qualifications Framework and
  5. Promoting the involvement of stakeholders and social partners through building your own framework.

The public debate was attended by representatives from many institutions in the field of education, commerce and employers who participated in the development and implementation of solutions and procedures, including a describing qualifications with learning results or determining levels of qualifications. The following international experts also participated in the debate: Ms. Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak from Poland, Mrs. Brigitte Bouquet from France, Mrs. Milada Stalker from the Czech Republic, Mr. Mile Dzhelalija from Croatia and Eduard Staudecker from Austria.