Open discussions and consultations for development of the Register of the National Qualifications Framework

Within the framework of the Project Further Improvement of the System for Development and Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework, in the period of 19th to 23rd of July, at the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science,  there were consultative meetings held with the experts from Poland, Scotland and Croatia (with Mr Marek Kopyt, Mr Jure Biloglav and Ms Francesca Thom) and representatives from the NQF Unit, led by the IT expert Ms Keti Kostovska, a person responsible for following the process of implementation of the Register of Qualifications.

At the consultative meetings, experiences from establishing and functioning of a Register for Qualifications in Poland, Croatia and Scotland were presented, as well as implementation of the processes for applying for a qualification and the access to all types of applicants included in the register were discussed. Furthermore, the Register of Qualifications was presented to representatives /applicants from other institutions, which are involved in the process of development of the Register of Qualifications.