Workshop on new qualifications according to the labour market needs

Within the framework of the Twinning Project Further Improvement of the System for Development and Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework, in the period from 3rd to 7th of July 2017, and following the demands of the labour market, workshops were held for development of new qualifications in the two sectors: Tourism and hospitality sector and Electrical engineering sector – IT subsector. The workshops were supported by the Chamber of Tourism and the ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT) in cooperation with the MoES and the Polish experts: Wojciech Stechly,  Michal Sitek,  Maciej Lasota and Roxana  Pierwienicka.

Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT), the Macedonian Chamber of Tourism, the Centre for Adult Education, Vocational Education and Training Centre, teachers from various secondary schools, as well as representatives from tourist agencies, IT companies, and training providers took part in the workshops.

While preparing the qualifications standards, the experts emphasised that the focus should be placed on what persons acquiring the qualification should know (the learning outcomes) and what they should do when they acquire the qualification, instead on what they are learning. Learning is a process of designing the study programme according to the qualification standard. The difference between qualification standard – as a standardised description of the qualification with certain required elements and the qualification as a formal result from the process of evaluation and assessment, was presented. The responsible institution confirms/ certifies that the person undertaking the qualification has achieved the learning outcomes according to the defined qualification standards, regardless of where the qualification was obtained.

The draft qualifications Barista and IATA Sales Agent were developed in the Sector on tourism and hospitality, while in the Electrical engineering sector – IT subsector the draft qualifications Java developer and Software Tester were developed.