Workshop with representatives from the 16 sectors of qualifications

Within the frameworks of initiating the process for establishment of the Qualifications Councils, on 8th June, a workshop was held with representatives from employers from various sectors in the EU Info Centre. The President of the National Committee for the Macedonian National Qualifications Framework, Mr Borco Aleksov opened the workshop and emphasised the importance of the employers in the overall process of qualifications and establishment of the Sectoral Qualifications Councils. He highlighted that the Sectoral Qualifications Councils, as expert bodies, will deal with: analysis of the condition and the tendencies of the labour market, will analyse the existing qualifications, will identify the requirements for all types of qualifications in accordance with the needs of the labour market and the society as a whole, will propose new qualifications, will review suggestions for introducing new qualifications, will give opinions for harmonisations of the occupational standards/ standards of qualifications with the examination programmes, will assess and establish learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) in the non-formal education and training and will promote qualification sectors and the opportunities for employment within the sectors.

The goal of the workshop was to review the draft-set of guidelines for the Sectoral Qualification Councils, including proposals on how to conduct the process of adaptation of the existing qualifications from the 16 sectors defined within the Law on National Qualification Framework.